Letter from our editor


Words are weapons.

They pierce and stab –

tearing thoughts and arguments limb from limb


They are also Life.

They breathe and take space in our minds –

Build, mould and measure greatness.

Contain eternity

When I first came across the Living Legacy Movement, I was struck with the power and love of their simple message: “We want to make eternal impact.” And ever since I have had the pleasure of witnessing the team do exactly that, not shying away from the difficulties of reality but always with their eyes on the Ultimate Author and Perfecter of faith.

Welcome to the new site, another avenue that we are trusting will be used by God to bring Himself glory. Every word comes from the experience and the lives of civilian soldiers – people just like you who are walking every day in the light of victory, truly humbled by God’s grace. Our writers share their pain, triumph and hope, so that we can overcome the boundaries between us that have been put up by the world, even those we put up ourselves.

Our hope is that you will journey with us as we discover what it means to be young believers in South Africa today, especially in the times when it seems like it doesn’t make sense to do so. Just like David, the shepherd boy that kills a giant [1 Sam 17], Peter, a loud mouthed coward that walks on water [Matthew 14:22 -33], and Gideon who’s army gets downsized to 300 men and still overthrows the Midianites [Judges 6-8], we will boldly boast in our weaknesses and allow our King and Saviour to make us new every day.

All of that being said, I am so proud of this team and excited to witness lives impacted by the stories we tell and connecting with you along the way. Let us know your thoughts and questions so that we can grow together. We hope that our words will impact your life and draw you to deeper into the heart of the One who loves you most, the ultimate source of truth that woke the entire Universe with a single word.

Grace, truth and love


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Derick Oosthuizen

Awesome my kind 👏🏻🙏🏻

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